Public Access



In July 2004 the ban on Barristers receiving instructions directly from members of the public was relaxed. Instead of instructing a barrister through a solicitor, in many cases members of the public can now approach and instruct a barrister directly.  


How can this benefit you?

By instructing a Barrister directly you gain the benefit of having a close working relationship with an expert without involving an intermediary. You incur just one set of fees.


How does it work?

In many cases, individuals, companies or other professionals can now approach us directly for specialist advice or representation in court. In those cases it is no longer necessary to retain a solicitor.


Public Access Barristers can provide a range of legal services, including:

  • Drafting of legal documents including, for example, employment contracts
  • Representation at court or in tribunals
  • Advisory services in writing or in conference
  • Mediation of disputes without recourse to litigation 


We have Barristers with expertise in the following area of law:

  • Employment
  • Partnership disputes
  • Company law
  • Contractual disputes
  • Debt actions
  • Insolvency
  • Landlord and tenant law
  • Property disputes
  • Matrimonial law
  • Licensing
  • Personal Injury  


Public Access Barristers at St. Albans Chambers are flexible in working locations and will travel across the UK including the South East, South West, The North, The South and London. 


Fee structure

Fees can be discussed and explained to you by our clerks but usually an hourly rate is charged at a level in accordance to the Barrister's experience. Fixed fees can also be agreed for any piece of work that you instruct them to do.


How to contact us

You can make initial contact with us by speaking to one of our clerks on 01727 843383 or by emailing us for further information at

Our Expertise

St. Albans Chambers has recently formed Alban Resolution Centre to provide for the demand in mediations.


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"I am very satisfied with the quality of advice given, very comfortable with members of staff I have had dealings with – they are all very approachable "

Yvonne Fraser


"The support provided to clients by the clerks is of a consistently high standard, friendly and accommodating."

Marc Ronan