Taking good care of every case

Our Barristers approach each case as a unique combination of the Client’s needs, the history and circumstances of the matter in question, and the specific points of law that apply.

We follow a code of practice and established procedures in every case, to ensure efficiency, quality and consideration in the way we deal with our Clients and professional colleagues at all times.

Our Procedure:

Upon receipt of papers, the barrister will promptly determine if he/she is competent to undertake the work bearing in mind any conflicts of interest, time restrictions and funding arrangements.

Instructing Solicitors will be informed of any preparatory steps needed to be made and are kept up to date with progress.

  • Briefs or instructions are dealt with by the clerks professionally and efficiently and receipt is acknowledged within 24 hours.
  • Receipt of all papers is acknowledged by way of letter.
  • Communications from professional clients are recorded and delivered appropriately
  • Messages are checked regularly by Counsel and replies made by the end of that business day where practicable

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